Purple Gelato

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Sweet, Berries, Lavender

Flavor Profile:
Potent CBD hemp flower with slightly acidic tones that are nicely balanced by a sweet berry flavor. It is sweet and tangy upon the first inhale. A perfect balance of citrus freshness and a light floral flavor.
Strain Profile:
Purple Gelato is an indica-dominant hybrid giving you a calm euphoria feel, perfect for evenings or weekends in! This draw is not only balanced in flavor but will leave a refreshed and balanced effect!

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Our exclusive CBD hemp flower comes in a variety of strains, all 100% greenhouse or indoor grown in the USA. We lab test every one of our entirely hand picked premium big nugs, with no shake.


Hemp flower is non-psychoactive and sourced from hemp plants that are rich in CBD Hemp flower is a fantastic substitute for those who want the relaxation effects of the flower without the effects of the psychoactive THC, in other words, without getting “high”. Under the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 hemp was removed from the list of Schedule 1 substances and is now legal as long as it contains 0.3% THC by dry weight or less.


We only source from organically grown farms that are lab tested and indoor grown. This gives you the security knowing the CBD products you purchase from us are safe and compliant. Not only do we source from reputable USA farms but our flower is hand picked especially to make sure we offer great tasting, beautiful hemp CBD flower. We make sure all the hemp flower we buy from our farms are the best quality of the whole grow. We offer the smelliest skunkiest flower with amazing terpene profiles, with the most beautiful bud structures and always 100% organic and pesticide free. We take pride in our indoor hemp flower being second to none and we’re always searching for better, rarer and the most exotic cbd flower we can find.

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1 Gram, 4 Gram, 14 Gram, 28 Gram, 56 Gram – Small Nugs

3 reviews for Purple Gelato

  1. Kathleen (verified owner)

    This is a very nice CBD strain for evening. It has a great flavor and is a joy to smoke. For me the effects are a very relaxing body “stoned”. Quiet surprising. I wanted an indica heavy flower to help combat insomnia and anxiety. This has certainly helped me unwind and sleep better. I’ll definitely be ordering again.

  2. Christian (verified owner)

    I could talk about smell and taste but I’m sure if you’re reading this then you’re curious about the genuine effects

    I’ve been smoking 20%+ THC flower for the last 2 years everyday, decided to finally give CBD a try after my friend convinced me to give it a shot after my 1 month tolerance break for a new job.

    You are not going to get stoned! Let’s go ahead and get that out the way, in no way shape or form are you going to go anywhere close to the real stuff, but this isn’t marijuana, this is Delta 8.

    It only effects the body, after smoking around 1 gram from my Phoenix straight piece(and after a 10 minute wait) I was able to just melt into my bed comfortably. Just a mellow, relaxed effect.(my fiance also wanted to weigh that a decent portion of her anxiety floated away after around half an hour)

  3. Brittany Whitley

    This stuff is a lifesaver excellent..

    To me it’s better than the real thing..

    Taste is so good doesn’t give you the munchies all the other effects as you would have if it had THC.

    This is wonderful, and a total lifesaver

    Thanks y’all

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