Ken Seinne
Delta 8 disposable vape - 1 gram strawberry lemonade
Frickn remarkable! Prefer this high over a thc high believe it or not. 100 percent brightens the mood. No paranoia. You can actually carry on a conversation. You (ewe) definitely have a nice buzz on but you feel more in control. Sativa but I forget which flavor. 9.5 outta 10
14 gram flower - wedding cake cbd
Bought 14g it has a great taste. It’s a lay back calming and keeps you on ur toes at the same time. About to put in for 56g bag you all must try this can’t get enough
Denzel Williams
delta 8 vape cartridge - 1 gram skittlez
I just tried there Skittles cart indica yes indeed gives you that body high A+. The Gelato cart it’s ok just hit a lil different . Over all good product . 💯
delta 8 live resin disposable vape 1 gram - Forbidden fruit
i got forbidden fruit, and i love the flavor. ive tried many d8 vapes and this one is by far my favorite. never tried live resin before and love it 😻
space leezerd
delta 8 gummy bears 1000mg
fr slaps
Kimberly Peterson
delta 8 vegan gummies - watermelon
Tried the Delta 8 Vegan gummies and they were the best ones I have tried! It helped with my pain,and sleeping.I highly recommend these above any other Delta 8 gummies.I had the watermelon.
Eric M
4 gram black label - sour lifter cod
Like Jack K. said .. “lol yea, just yea.” I have to also add smooth , energetic, and awesome
Camille Marsten
delta 8 - 7 gram moon rock
Realllyyyyyy good. Have had a lot of moon rocks and these are by far the best.
michelle harp
delta 8 berry white pre roll
I was a big time marijuana smoker in my early 20’s and with kids I did the responsible thing and quit b/c what is now almost 20 years ago, marijuana was very illegal. Well fast forward I’m now 40 and live in Alabama where it is still illegal, even medicinal just passed with so many restrictions I can’t get it. I have suffered from major anxiety and depression my entire life and I’ve tried CBD and Delta 8 in vape form and have had no luck so I was skeptical of this pre roll delta 8 having any type of effect on me. Boy was I completely wrong. After 3 hits I felt an immediate calmness that my anxious mind never feels. I’m ADHD as well so I’m always 90mph full of anxiety and tension. I don’t sleep and when I do it’s not deep sleep. Even anxiety and sleeping meds have failed to help me. This….This one joint literally just changed my life. Since I can’t smoke weed in this state this is the closest thing to it I have come to in 20 years. I plan to buy these in bulk if possible b/c the fact I slept through a full 6 hours of sleep without waking up to wake up refreshed this morning is something I’ve not experienced in years. If you have doubts please take my word if no one else’s and try this.


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