Best CBD Concentrates For Sale

CBD Concentrates For Sale

CBD concentrates are taking the hemp world storm when it comes to new forms of CBD products. They are particularly popular with those who require a more potent form of CBD and want to feel the effects much quicker. Our CBD Live sugar is a delightful concentrate formulated from pure CBD & CBG distillate and has a very strong sweet tangie citrus finish. A great way to end a long and productive day!

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It’s not literally sweet, however live sugar is a brilliant type of CBG live resin. Live sugar has the consistency of thick sugar bits in honey, consequently its name. It’s a golden hued goo that results from a one of a kind method of preparing hemp plants.

From either using fresh cut material or plants that were quickly solidified after harvesting, live resin items, as live sugar, regularly contain a progressively consistent terpene profile compared to the mother plant. Subsequently, the aromas and flavors are progressively strong in the resulting product. CBG Live sugar is for those who need a potent product with a strong flavor. Live sugar is frequently said to smell precisely like the plant that created it.